Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Our Guiding Angels

Angels ~

Guiding Angels ~

Our Guiding Angels

We all have them ~

They are with us all ~

Our Guiding Angels ~

Always there ~

Whether we know them ~
or not
Whether we love them ~
or not

Always ~

They love ~
Without condition
Without boundary
Without wanting

They help guide us ~
on our  Path ~
of Life

~ BeLieve ~

Decide without hesitation
Change with confidence
Move forward with joy

Guide ~
and let You Be ~
Guided ~~~~~

The Path is there
The Path is clear ~
for our Growth
towards Trueness ~

On the Path ~
to True Self

and Let You be ~
Guided ~
by Our Guiding Angels


Matthew said...

This is what I felt when I saw your special picture you have as your header :) That and your special picture and this one remind me of somewhere :) Beautifully emotive art :)

Caio Fernandes said...

God bless my guarding angel !!1
this one works a lot , poor guy .
thank you for made me remembre of him .
this paintng is so ( i forgot the word in english and in portuguese now ) . i am going to say solid , but wan't this word .

see you .

~Ellie Kings~ said...

Very well said. I'm grateful for my guardian angels. They have always helped in leading the way. Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

nice said...

Beautiful poem. I do believe in the guardian angels; they always protect good natured people. Thanks for your interesting comments on my blog.
Best wishes,

MCJArt said...

Matthew ~ your vision of my art touches me greatly ~ thank you.

Caio ~ I believe your guiding angel's work is quite worth it! I will accept 'solid', with great pleasure!

Ellie ~ Yes, they help me every day.

nice ~ I appreciate your visit & comment as well.

StreamSource said...

I suppose the angel I see in the upper left of your painting - looking down upon a small human form below - with arms reaching 'up'... is my vivid imagination (LOL) Lovely color works, MCJ - this and Purple.

MCJArt said...

SS ~ Angles are all around us ~ and perhaps in all of my paintings! Thank you for your kind comment regarding my two paintings.