Monday, November 16, 2009

Colors of the Soul

A few days ago ~
The Universe offered me

These Colors ~

Colors of Joy
Colors of Passion
Colors of Fire
Colors of Creation
Colors of Love ~

At that moment ~
My heart swelled a thousand fold.

At that moment ~
I knew ~
That love comes to you ~
When your heart is full.

At that moment ~
I knew ~
Again ~
Not to be afraid.

At that moment ~
I knew ~
That the Universe's space ~
That the Universe's Soul ~
In which our Love resides ~

is limitless ~~ ~ ~  ~   ~   ~   ~    ~    ~     ~     ~     ~       ~      ~       ~       ~

~ Breathe ~

~ BeLong ~
 ~ BeHold ~
~ BeLieve ~
~ Be ~


storyteller said...

Beautiful ;-)
Amen and thank you very much!
Hugs and blessings,

If you love Alaska (and have a bit of time), you might enjoy more posts containing my Sister's Pictures

DUTA said...

Colors, moments, love, universe - words that make up our life. Lovely poem!

MCJArt said...

Thank you Storyteller ~ Your visits are always much appreciated!

And the Alaska photos are great!

Be well,

~ MCJ ~

Caio Fernandes said...

sometimes the universe opens this fisuure and a infinit generosity reachs our souls .
i am glad you have recieved all this .

MCJArt said...


You are a 'place of character' indeed! Thank you for your appreciative thought!

~ MCJ ~

MCJArt said...


Your word~offering is gorgeous ~ thank you! I love your use of the word 'fissure' ~ so full of mysterious anticipation ~ possible abundance of beauty!

Merci Caio,

~ MCJ ~

steven said...

it's wonderful to be available to those moments. steven

arlee bird said...

You are very creative. The visuals on the other posts are intriguing. And a poet as well-very diverse.
You might want to check my post tomorrow (11/18) about a New Jersey artist who is trying to make a name for herself.

vicki archer said...

Wonderful colours and inspired thoughts....xv

MCJArt said...

Thank you for your support Steven and Vicky.

Arlee ~ welcome and great blog!

~ MCJ ~

~Ellie Kings~ said...

Just a quick hello! I'm loving your poetry... it's exquisite! Will be stopping by often.

Calli said...

So beautiful and all so very true. All we need to do is be open to love and it comes. We create it every day and nurture it in all our relationships.

Lovely post, MCJ!
Made me smile and feel the winds of possibility!

Matthew said...

I needed this today thank you :) When I was looking for my blog name 1inspire1 the "inspire" part was born from "breathe" and how we share that sacred form and inspire each other. I thought that was interesting :)

Sadia Hussain said...

Beautifully written! and very befitting warm colors of the soul.
Take care.

MCJArt said...

Ellie, Thank you for your very generous words ~

MCJArt said...

Calli ~ I'm so pleased to read your comment. Your blog has made me smile many times ~

MCJArt said...

Matthew ~ it makes me very happy that I could bring a little something to you when you needed it ~ your blog always inspires ~

MCJArt said...

Sadia ~Thank you for visiting and adding such a kind comment to my blog ~

I very much relate to your elemental based art ~ I have a few blogs that might speak to you called: "Fire", "Wood, "Water".

"Earth", "Metal" and "Wind" and are bubbling over and will soon appear as well!

Barry said...

Be autiful.