Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Our Guiding Angels

Angels ~

Guiding Angels ~

Our Guiding Angels

We all have them ~

They are with us all ~

Our Guiding Angels ~

Always there ~

Whether we know them ~
or not
Whether we love them ~
or not

Always ~

They love ~
Without condition
Without boundary
Without wanting

They help guide us ~
on our  Path ~
of Life

~ BeLieve ~

Decide without hesitation
Change with confidence
Move forward with joy

Guide ~
and let You Be ~
Guided ~~~~~

The Path is there
The Path is clear ~
for our Growth
towards Trueness ~

On the Path ~
to True Self

and Let You be ~
Guided ~
by Our Guiding Angels

Monday, November 23, 2009


Send a smile ~

When you think of Him

Experience empathy ~

When you dream of Her

Feel compassion ~

When you witness Them

Visualize a true place ~

When you stop
and see that You

No reproach
No explanation
No education
No message
No words.

He was on His path
She was on Hers

They are on Their Path
You are on Yours

Move forward

and Offer ~

~ Forgiveness ~

Love to Him
Love to Her
Love to Them
Love to You

It is a ~
growing ~

Place ~
to Be

Monday, November 16, 2009

Colors of the Soul

A few days ago ~
The Universe offered me

These Colors ~

Colors of Joy
Colors of Passion
Colors of Fire
Colors of Creation
Colors of Love ~

At that moment ~
My heart swelled a thousand fold.

At that moment ~
I knew ~
That love comes to you ~
When your heart is full.

At that moment ~
I knew ~
Again ~
Not to be afraid.

At that moment ~
I knew ~
That the Universe's space ~
That the Universe's Soul ~
In which our Love resides ~

is limitless ~~ ~ ~  ~   ~   ~   ~    ~    ~     ~     ~     ~       ~      ~       ~       ~

~ Breathe ~

~ BeLong ~
 ~ BeHold ~
~ BeLieve ~
~ Be ~

Friday, November 6, 2009


I  was invited to participate in a blog entitle 'Measuring Success' (see Stream Source's comment in previous 'Vinyasa' blog).

This painting ~ called 'My Head'! ~ represents the result of my past's quest for 'Success'. 

Here are my thoughts on the subject ~

'SUCCESS' ~ I need to take a breath when I say this word, because it stimulates many emotions inside me ~ emotions that I actually physically feel ~ sort of when you have (or I used to have) too much coffee!  I suppose that as I am writing this, I am realizing that I associate the word 'success' with 'my past life'. 

 I used to 'perform' in Corporate America.  I probably used the word 'success' more times then, than I ever will again.  Perhaps it is difficult not to use this word in today's society, but I am more 'successful' today ~ not using it!

As revealed by my blogs, I use the words breath, self, consciousness, path... most often now!  I also speak of reason~for~being ~ a term Stream Source uses too!  So few people speak of this.  In fact, people used to look at me as if I were an alien when I spoke these words in Corporate America! (it was a translation I used for 'raison d'ĂȘtre', as I am French Canadian).  Isn't this a wonderful ~ much needed ~ term of our vocabulary.  In fact, I believe that the words we use ~ to express ourselves ~ impact 'Reality', as we perceive and experience it ~ on our earthly experience.  Perhaps consciousness of our reason~for~being ~ could be our measure of success!

I could go on and on about 'Measuring Success'.  I needed to write... and paint... and breathe ~ lots and lots ~ a few years ago (and still now as you can see!) to find My True Self, which I had always neglected ~ probably because of my quest for success ~ my search for love ~ as I thought ~ without consciousness ~ was the way I could reach it back then ~

Oufffff ~~~

( the '~' helps with the breath!)

This blog consists only of a very abbreviated, spontaneous version of many personal writings on the subject of finding Self ~ my true raison d'ĂȘtre!  I wrote a blog called 'Creativity' a few days ago, which explains ~ in an art process sort of way ~ the evolution that I experienced while trying to find Self.  It may make this explanation a tad clearer!

Lots of emotions ~ that I suppose will never go away ~ part of my path indeed!

Everything happens for a reason.  And I was gracefully invited by Stream Source, to exchange on 'SUCCESS'  ~ because I still have paths to travel ~ to reach My True Self ~ thus perhaps... reaching success!

Thursday, November 5, 2009


Vinyasa ~

A yoga posture

A posture of the body

A body movement

A movement of the breath

Breath in Harmony with Self ~
Breath in Harmony with Space

~ Self in Harmony with Space ~

Consciousness of Space~Consciousness of Self

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


The process of making this art piece is the strongest manifestation of creativity that I personally ever experienced.

A few years ago, I 'carried' (no better way to express it!) a piece of art inside me. It was a feeling, bubbling inside me. It was not representational, it was not an idea, nor was it expressed in any other pieces that I was painting at that time. It was there, lingering, growing, waking me up at night. But I did not know how and when it would come out.
When I was painting, I stored it somewhere inside me ~ sort of in a drawer, because I knew it was too precious to exploit a little here and a little there. I loved it, but was afraid of it. I nurtured it, while it tortured me. I avoided it when it screamed at me to be let out, yet I begged it to come closer. I did not know when or how. But I knew it was stronger than 'I'. I knew it was growing inside me and it probably did so for years ~ later in an awakened conscious way, earlier silently, patiently, diligently.
One morning, I awoke, walked by my studio as I always did. It consisted of a room adjacent to my bedroom in my then apartment at the heart of Montreal. It was summer, it was hot and all the windows were opened. I heard traffic, dogs, birds, cicadas, passers-by... I smelled summer. I smelled the city. I smelled life.
I went into my studio and saw a bunch of canvases on the floor. And then, CREATIVITY took over. True creativity. The kind that cannot be explained, understood, intellectualized... only loved and revered. I believe this is creativity of the soul ~ when the head does not interfere.
I (or some higher being) picked up a hammer and nails and starting amalgamating these canvases together. Essentially, a larger canvas was born, with this new awesome stimuli of lines and separations. I then picked up my brushes and paint... and I painted for three days and nights, without any consciousness of other earthly experiences. At the end of the process, I stood back, looked at the piece and wept powerfully ~ emotionally, physically, completely. 
The piece had left my body ~ via CREATIVITY. 
I felt liberated, yet I missed how this power was once inside me. It was now gone, now on a canvas. It was part of the physical world. It was staring at me. It was a part of me ~ out there ~ forever.
I have never had as strong of a creative process before or since. I do not believe that I have ever 'created' as powerful a piece. Will I again? I hope.
This painting is a sort of metaphor of my path of life up until then. It is a reminder to me of Self ~ of true Self, where I aspire to remain every moment of my life ~ within Self. I sometimes lose my self in the context of earthly experiences of life. But when I look at this piece (I can only look at it on photo now!), called: HeadHeart&Soul (read from bottom to top!), I come back to self, and remember how I got here. It reminds me that I know that It was in me somewhere, at some time and that it could come back again some other time.
Thank you for reading. 
Thank you for enabling me to write ~
and feel these feelings of creative bliss!
Head Heart & Soul
Acrylic on canvas
six streched canvases
joined together with hammer & nails (and Love!)
approx.: 60"X48"
SOLD (fortunately & unfortunately!)


We devote our life ~

to what we love

to what we need ~
to learn ~~~~~~~

We create blockages ~

with repeated mistakes

with too much 'stuff '

We devote our life ~

to repeated mistakes

to too much 'stuff '

Our blockages are all around us ~

Very little ~ yet very significant ~

A lamp from the past at our bedside

Very big ~ yet very UN~Conscious


What motivated an action?

What led to a word?

Look around

Perceive the Ego

I have so much to learn ~

In and out of Consciousness

Breathe ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

We devote our life ~

to what we love

to what we need ~
to learn.