Monday, March 7, 2016

Again, My Baby Boy!

Back by popular demand ~

My Baby Boy ~

Now seven years old!

His favorite activities ~

Simply being a good boy!

Even with sand on his nose ~ still being a good boy!

After all ~ running on the beach ~ still number one!

And a treat is ~ always ~ relished!

However after treats ~

Car rides are a pretty close contender ~

Oh ~ so focused ~  ~     ~

Perhaps ~

This enthusiasm also involves a treat!

This ~ clearly ~

All about a treat!

Of course ~

Sleeping is still up there ~

And down there!


But his own bed is coziest!

As you can see ~

The little boy has grayed a tad

Just to reassure you ~

He doesn't mind head gear!

Yes older ~

Still a very handsome boy!

With attitude ~

And style ~

And charm ~

This little boy ~

A very alert, healthy, loving, handsome, proud boy ~

Indeed ~
Still ~
Always ~

And truly ~
My Baby Boy  ~  ~    ~