Friday, November 6, 2009


I  was invited to participate in a blog entitle 'Measuring Success' (see Stream Source's comment in previous 'Vinyasa' blog).

This painting ~ called 'My Head'! ~ represents the result of my past's quest for 'Success'. 

Here are my thoughts on the subject ~

'SUCCESS' ~ I need to take a breath when I say this word, because it stimulates many emotions inside me ~ emotions that I actually physically feel ~ sort of when you have (or I used to have) too much coffee!  I suppose that as I am writing this, I am realizing that I associate the word 'success' with 'my past life'. 

 I used to 'perform' in Corporate America.  I probably used the word 'success' more times then, than I ever will again.  Perhaps it is difficult not to use this word in today's society, but I am more 'successful' today ~ not using it!

As revealed by my blogs, I use the words breath, self, consciousness, path... most often now!  I also speak of reason~for~being ~ a term Stream Source uses too!  So few people speak of this.  In fact, people used to look at me as if I were an alien when I spoke these words in Corporate America! (it was a translation I used for 'raison d'être', as I am French Canadian).  Isn't this a wonderful ~ much needed ~ term of our vocabulary.  In fact, I believe that the words we use ~ to express ourselves ~ impact 'Reality', as we perceive and experience it ~ on our earthly experience.  Perhaps consciousness of our reason~for~being ~ could be our measure of success!

I could go on and on about 'Measuring Success'.  I needed to write... and paint... and breathe ~ lots and lots ~ a few years ago (and still now as you can see!) to find My True Self, which I had always neglected ~ probably because of my quest for success ~ my search for love ~ as I thought ~ without consciousness ~ was the way I could reach it back then ~

Oufffff ~~~

( the '~' helps with the breath!)

This blog consists only of a very abbreviated, spontaneous version of many personal writings on the subject of finding Self ~ my true raison d'être!  I wrote a blog called 'Creativity' a few days ago, which explains ~ in an art process sort of way ~ the evolution that I experienced while trying to find Self.  It may make this explanation a tad clearer!

Lots of emotions ~ that I suppose will never go away ~ part of my path indeed!

Everything happens for a reason.  And I was gracefully invited by Stream Source, to exchange on 'SUCCESS'  ~ because I still have paths to travel ~ to reach My True Self ~ thus perhaps... reaching success!


Caio Fernandes said...

congratulations !!!
and ... i like a lot all the ways you have used all the words here !!!

see you !!

StreamSource said...

Pleased to have 'tickled your fancy." This feeds my spirit, as well. ~~~

Dit moi... are the dancers in the center of your painting intentional? It looks to me like you are, "Dancing With Success."

Godspeed in all you do. -ss

vicki archer said...

So well said....xv

MCJArt said...

Caio ~ thank you for your great support again... what would my blog be without you!?

SS ~ thank you so much for the 'food'. Soooooooo amazing that you see 'her'! I noticed her a while back ~ she appears on her own. Interestingly, through the years, she has moved from the bottom of the canvases to the top!

Vicky ~ wonderful to find here! Thank you.

~MCJ ~

steven said...

hi mcj - i love the way you think and do. steven

MCJArt said...


I too ~ feel much ~ when reading your thoughts and seeing your visuals!


~ MCJ ~

Barry said...

Merci MCJ!

I think you "succeeded" in communicating, at least with me. And I think I'm lucky to have met your true self instead of of your corporate self--whose clone I have likely already bumped into.

MCJArt said...


You have offered warmth to My True Self, as well as a light chuckle to 'My Earthly Self'!

Thank you,

~ MCJ ~

Anonymous said...

en plus tu parles parfaitement le français... en tant que bi- linguiste tu pourrais peut être nous offrir une traduiction de tes poèmes... ( que j'aimerais mieux apprécier).. j'ai par ailleurs ouvert un blog de textes qui est

bien à toi


~ MCJArt ~ said...

Je m'y mêt!