Wednesday, November 4, 2009


We devote our life ~

to what we love

to what we need ~
to learn ~~~~~~~

We create blockages ~

with repeated mistakes

with too much 'stuff '

We devote our life ~

to repeated mistakes

to too much 'stuff '

Our blockages are all around us ~

Very little ~ yet very significant ~

A lamp from the past at our bedside

Very big ~ yet very UN~Conscious


What motivated an action?

What led to a word?

Look around

Perceive the Ego

I have so much to learn ~

In and out of Consciousness

Breathe ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

We devote our life ~

to what we love

to what we need ~
to learn.


Caio Fernandes said...

wow , did you write about my life ? hahah!!!
i devoted my life to what i love . and it save me and destroyed . and saved me again .
ego ... when will i get free ?

incredible painting .... even with beautiful colors , it is so hard to relate with .
intence ind sincere .

MCJArt said...

I know Caio!

When I read your profile, I see many common interests. And when I view your work (breath~~~~~)... I see facets of myself ~ of which I should be 'more conscious'...


~ MCJ ~

Jim Moffitt said...

This is great, something I don't like to admit I have but couldn't live without. Beautiful, Thank You.!

MCJArt said...

I appreciate your candid honesty Jim! ~ MCJ ~

Anonymous said...

i like that, the big picture...

if you want to visit my own ( blog) in french... see


~ MCJArt ~ said...

Merci rechab ~ J'appr├ęcie ~MCJ ~