Saturday, December 5, 2009


The color of Dreams

The color of Fantasy

The color of Queens

The color of Royalty ~

~ Purple

Beautiful Purples ~

All Purples are True
All Grand ~ its hues

Complex Purple ~
Blue & Red
Water & Fire
Cold & Heat
Introspection & Extroversion ~

Opposites ~ Living in harmony
Colors ~ Together in ecstasy

Yin & Yang ~
In balance
Blue & Red ~
In Purple

Purple ~
Passionate while restful
Dark yet bright

The color of Dreams ~
~ Purple


DUTA said...

Nice poem; you sure love the purple colour.

arlee bird said...

Purple is one of my favorite colors, but I'd probably never wear purple clothes or paint my house purple.

MCJArt said...

Yes I do, DUTA ~ thank you!

arlee bird, perhaps you believe in dreams!

Caio Fernandes said...

purple is one of my favorite colors , because of the blue in it . i live blue and all the relatives . as green and purple for example .
your painting is wonderful . so ellegant and sutil .
lovely poem . purple deserves it .

Calli said...

This is a wonderful testament to the
beauty of the colour purple.

so pretty all of it~

...the painting flows freely yet is anchored somehow.

MCJArt said...

Caio, your words are very generous ~ thank you. I am very pleased that you relate to my thoughts on the beauty of purple.

Calli, I am grateful for discovering your blog, as well as your kind visits to my mine! Thank you much for sharing your appreciation of my blog and painting.

Barry said...

Purple was my oldest daughter's favouite colour, so it has to be one of mine as well.

I enjoyed all the contrasts you found.

MCJArt said...

Oh dear Barry ~ I too love Purple sooooooo very much ~ thank you for the compliment!