Monday, December 14, 2009

Art ~ A Ten~Year Path

This painting was created 10 years ago

Two Heads
acrylic on canvas

Most appreciated by men ~
almost sold 5 times ~
I chose to hold on to it

This painting was created 10 years later

They Will Grow
acrylic and chinese ink on paper

An intimate piece ~
I painted for my sister ~
it hangs in her bedroom

What does this reveal about ~

The path that I have travelled?

What I was feeling then?
Who I was?
Who I am now?

Any thoughts?

Much appreciated ~


arlee bird said...

The paintings look nice, but I wish I could see the real thing as they look so tiny on my screen-- pictures of paintings just don't do them justice.

By the way----
check out the VBT Writers on the Move blog today. I won an opportunity to be profiled on their site and it appears today:

Caio Fernandes said...

this is a wonderfull exercise for self-knowlege !!
i do this too .
to put together 2 paintings fron diferent times and serach for my self on it .
these 2 works are incredible . if you have changed on those 10 years was a personal improvement , but the class and sincerity of the works kept the same .

see you !!

Calli said...

Although both paintings are quite lovely, I see a softness and a more relaxed flow with second painting and a bit more agressivness with the first, in the colours and brushwork.

It looks as though you've achieved some sort of peace, a sense of harmony, now vs. then.

Lovely, lovely work~

~Ellie Kings~ said...

I'm no expert, though I love paintings. I think both are beautiful and show passion. The first one shows more of an Intense passion. Did I do good? :)

MCJArt said...

arlee bird, Caio, Calli, Ellie ~
Thank you for your wonderfully supportive comments on my paintings.
I learn and grow, every time you offer them to me.

Stream Source said...

I think only you can answer that question ~ each of us can project meaning from our own life onto this work. Whatever we interpret from this or from anything we observe, can only come from our own unique perspective. Sometimes, there is a common chord of perspective - this is our soul tie to another.

I see 'drama' being a common characteristic of this beautifully inspired work - no matter when they were painted.

MCJArt said...

SS ~ our soul tie to one another ~ indeed ~

Jim Moffitt said...

Great idea to compare these two side by side this way. Seems almost impossible not to choose sides. After much contemplation The Men loose me here, though I find both paintings are fantastic. Thank You.

Matthew said...

I love the second painting. To me it feels like the first one you were trying to give some light to a material world full of conflict; the second as though you are finding your path up a mountain in the "real", natural, spiritual world. Those are my feelings and thoughts :)

MCJArt said...

Jim ~ thank you for putting true contemplation into it ~ I am especially pleased that you appreciate the pieces ~

Matthew ~ I love your thoughts on both pieces ~ thank you ~ your comment on the first is most enlightening to me ~