Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Gift ~

The Gift ~

of Light
of Color
of Breath
of Life
of Love

Thank you for all your gifts ~

Gifts of exchange

Gifts of thought

Gifts of emotion

Gifts of growth

Gifts of Love

This painting ~

To you ~ The Gift  ~

As such is named ~


Abi said...

Very inspiring :) I myself enjoy painting.

MCJArt said...

Abi ~ your post is must appeciated ~

Stream Source said...

Figurative abstraction... it seems you most often speak of color and emotion when describing your work. I can understand why, of course, and this view may be dominant to many. However, the figural always jumps at me. Are the figures subliminal to you or is there a story?

I don't know if you caught my follow up note on Montreal - it was lovely! ... although I only got to see Vieux Montreal. Can't wait to return in the summer - it was two below (F)...

Bonne année!

MCJArt said...

Dear Donna ~ So happy to hear from you ~ merci! I thought you might be buried in snow!!! Le vieux Montréal is indeed awesome ~ I am pleased you enjoyed your visit!

Bonne et heureuse année ~~

Your friend ~