Thursday, January 7, 2010

Soul's Landscape

Every time I look
at this painting ~

I stop.
I observe.
I ponder.
I feel.

This painting has deep meaning
~to me.

This painting represents much
~to me.

This painting feels like ~

pain ~

struggle ~

distance ~

strife ~

longing ~

And hope.

This painting is hope.

Always hope ~

Never not.

It's all there ~

It's all in you.

As long ~

As you ~

Breathe ~ ~  ~   ~     ~      ~       ~         ~

As long ~

As you ~

Be~lieve ~ ~  ~   ~    ~      ~       ~        ~

The pain will still be there ~

But you will Know ~

As you travel Life's Path ~

That It Is ~ ~   ~    ~        ~       ~         ~    

For a reason ~

For your reason ~

For your true reason ~~ ~   ~    ~      ~

For your true Reason~for~Being ~

Pour votre propre Raison d'être ~


Stream Source said...

I see a voluptuosus woman, whose heart has been stolen. She's beautiful - surrounded by light and pools of clear water that reflect the white sky and clouds above. She's calm and patient...except for a gentle but persistent gnawing, deep inside. She patiently awaits this heart space to be filled - knowing it will.

I think this is my favorite work so far. So lovely...

DUTA said...

The light portion in the middle of the painting stands for Hope, I think. There's no Life without Hope.

MCJArt said...

SS ~ I am in awe of your words ~~~~~~ I must limit my reply to simply... thank you ~ from a filled heart ~

DUTA ~ Hope ~ Yes, indeed. Thank you for 'seeing' ~

steven said...

from my perspective it hovers between elements of a natural landscape, stretched animal skin and a woman's body. the connections between those three are mediated by the pool of light in the middle. very nice! steven

MCJArt said...

Wow Steven ~ another wonderful illumination for me ~ thank you ~

Caio Fernandes said...

this painting is really beautiful and so real , sober , mature ... at the same time , delicated and alive .
you're right to feel all this in its presence !

all the best for you .
Caio !

MCJArt said...

Very much appreciated Caio ~

Susan said...

Wow.... just WOW!!!
I see the longing,
the hope...

~ MCJArt ~ said...

Wow to you Susan ~ I feel very enriched to receive all of your supportive generous comments ~