Sunday, January 17, 2010


Orange ~

A color of sharing
A color of nurturing
A color of friendship
A color of fellowship

Orange ~

Through our eyes ~
A multi-sensory experience

My mind is awakened
My nose smiles
My taste buds sparkle
My heart rejoices

I relish ~
its vibrant energy

Orange ~

Very yang
Yet aggressive not
Somewhat yin
But cold never

Warm ~ convivial ~ comforting ~ safe

Orange ~

The chicken soup color ~
~ of Love


Caio Fernandes said...

God save orange !!
lovely , sensual , remarkable .... good painting !!

~MCJArt ~ said...

Caio ~ Indeed ~ Merci ~

steven said...

in the winter it's oranges and orange coloured fruits that save my body from the ravages of the winter psyche. i love the textures of this painting. steven

~MCJArt ~ said...

Steven ~ Orange juice in your eye!! Thank you for your kindness ~

Anonymous said...

Orange, my favorite...
Love it...

~MCJArt ~ said...

Transcend ~ sometimes orange is my favorite too!

Stream Source said...

I'd like to say friendly and tasty like orange sorbet, but I'm getting lava from this one !

The color of the second (sacral) chakra is orange and represents creativity and emotion. Yours must be nicely balanced as your work is flowing and dynamic. Much like the image of molten lava that came to mind when I first looked at the texture and movement of this piece. The range of blues that form the outer border to me is symbolic of free expression with words infused with spirit and wisdom (fifth and sixth chakra colors). Beautiful ~~~

Curious... What size is this (and most of your) work? How often do you paint?

~MCJArt ~ said...

SS ~ how wonderfully thoughtful your comment is! Thank you ~ (I agree about the impression of molten lava!)

The bordering colors are actually more of green earthy tones than blues ~ hopefully your interpretation still applies!

My painting sizes vary, yet historically I have preferred large~scale pieces. My brushstroke and therefore style change greatly according to canvas size. I believe I am more expressionist and abstract, as the size of the canvas increases.

This piece is not representative of most of my work, as it is somewhat small: approx. 18"X12".

The painting below called 'Soul's Landscape', reflects my many years of larger sizes: 3'X 4' (others have been up to 6'X5').

Lately, I have been exploring small, intimate pieces of a few inches, such the one in a December blog entitled 'Art ~ A Ten~Year Path'.

Thank you for the chat SS ~ It was fun ~

Be well ~

Susan said...

Orange is my favorite color!!!

~ MCJArt ~ said...

Welcome Susan ~ Thank you much for writing ~