Tuesday, January 26, 2010

~ Harmony ~ Balance ~ Vitality ~

Why do so many people ~
in our Western society ~
speak of the word control ~
as a seemingly good thing!?

~ Trying to learn to ski?
"Be in control of your speed down the mountain!"

~ Teary-eyed during a tough day at work?
"Keep your emotions under control!"

~ Your child throws a fit in public?
"Learn to control your kid!"

~ Your eating habits are out of control?
"Go on a food~depriving/exercise~exhausting regiment!"

~ You feel your partner is trying to control you?
"Throw him/her away and get a new one!"

~ You are an adult, with people who rely upon you?
"You are expected to have full control of your life!"

Are we conscious of what this language 'says' ~ about who we are?

Perhaps if we were not trying ~
to control our environment ~
there would be less ~
in our environment ~
all around ~
and within ~

Maybe if we were more conscious of our surroundings ~
We would be more conscious of our own Selves ~
And less wanting to control every~thing around us!

When struggling with some~thing ~
I find it more effective and rewarding ~
to visualize being ~ in harmony ~
with the said some~thing
to think of myself ~ in balance ~
with the said some~thing
thus achieving success ~
~ vitality ~
via the new bond~partnership ~
with the said some~thing!

~ Harmony~Balance~Vitality ~

Walking along the path of life
With the intent of self growth
And that of all 'things' encountered

Does this not require us to be conscious?
Is this not more energizing ~
More fulfilling ~
And more apt for success ~
Than control?

Consciousness versus Control
What do you choose?

Words are powerful ~

They influence ~
how we perceive the world
what we do  ~  how we do

Listen ~ for the word control in your environment today
Be ~ conscious ~ of how the word is introduced into your space
See ~ if the objective can still be realized ~ or better realized!
With consciousness ~ of harmony~balance ~
Rather than with control.

I believe the path to success will be more pleasurable ~
And achieved ~ with vitality ~ to boot!
With consciousness ~ without control.

Consciousness of Space
Consciousness of Self ~

You Choose ~ ~  ~   ~    ~


Jim Moffitt said...

Nice work.! I definitely need to be more conscious of my struggle to control, at least the negative aspect of it. It seems though one can't completely let go, even though it may be folly to believe in control over destiny. Thank You.!

~MCJArt ~ said...

Thank you again Jim ~ many of us relate to your honest thought on this issue ~

Calli said...

Consciousness is definitely my choice! Control in so many cases is simply an illusion.

...lovely paintings MC!

DUTA said...

This is a thought provoking post: control versus consciousness.
I tend to agree with you - realize objectives with consciousness rather than with control!

~ MCJArt ~ said...

Yes Calli ~ an illusion indeed! Thank you for the compliment on my paintings ~

DUTA ~ I am pleased that this is thought provoking for you ~ I hope for others as well!

Stream Source said...

Wow... I've been missing out here! So much new content ~

I just had a conversation today that touches on this... it seems that once we have 'realized' that we don't actually have control - we learn to flow with the universe's perfect order. There is a subtle but important difference here. When we come to 'trust' the universe more than our own little minds, then we step back and look for the opportunities that are continually unfolding in front of us and snatch up those that have our name on them.

Ultimately, if we trust, we find that what the world has planned for us is far greater than that which we could have imagined for ourselves.

Creating in the flow in contrast to struggling for control. Accepting all that comes - making the most of the good and looking for the silver lining in what's not so good.

I adore "Repose" ~~~

~ MCJArt ~ said...

SS ~ Wow... to you!!!

How wonderful to add to my thoughts ~ in such a beautifully conscious way ~~

And I am so touched by your feelings regarding ''Repose''.

Merci chère amie,

À bientôt,


Michelle said...

I really like this! You make a great point.

~ MCJArt ~ said...

Thank you Michelle ~ your input is much appreciated!!!

Smita Tewari said...

Very well put! Anyways, control is impossible! Consciousness takes over!

~ MCJArt ~ said...

Yes Smita ~ so true ~