Thursday, October 22, 2009

Swim in Your Pond

 Searching for Breath

~~~ Under water ~~~

Stagnant is painful ~

When you are alive

Many years ~

To find Self

To see Light

To Perceive ~

The Way

A healthy Pond ~

Creates Breath

Brushes Color

Brings in Light

Feeds Energy

Fish gotta swim

But Fish will only fly

In the right Pond


StreamSource said...

Easy to see why we connected - on many levels. Your work is w o n d e r f u l . Or, I will say, 'full of wonder' - that feels more powerful ~ ♥ ~

storyteller said...

What a lovely blog you've created ;-)
Your paintings and poetic pieces are absolutely wonderful. I applaud your creativity and courage.

Thanks for helping me celebrate my 2nd Blogoversary at Small Reflections today. Today I'll be working on my 2nd Blogoversary post for Sacred Ruminations to publish on Friday. I can't believe I've been blogging so long already. How time flies!
Hugs and blessings,

MCJ said...

Thank you both, StreamSource and storyteller. Your support offers a stream of light in my new blogging experience ~ MCJ ~

Anonymous said...

'Fish gotta swim
But Fish will only fly
In the right Pond'

Oh am I lovely those words and sentiments? Yes!

MCJ said...

Thank you SarahA ~ Your blog tells me you are in the right pond! ~ MCJ ~