Friday, October 30, 2009


Green ~

Color of leaves

Color of growth

~ Green

A little green in one's space ~

can support a path forward

A lot of green in one's space ~

can illuminate a new path

Too much green in one's space ~

can create unrealistic expectations

Not enough green in one's space ~

can explain limited drive

Green ~

Color of energy

Color of dynamism

~ Green

Color of evolution

Color of change

~ Green ~

Color of Life


Anonymous said...

My favourite colour expressed with wonderful words :)

Caio Fernandes said...

green is just perfect . all the tons !!
this poem too . and the image !! hahahh!!!
let's agree all is perfect here today!!!

see you !!
my colors are blue , green and purple . white too . but for me white is more than one color . it is all !!

MCJ said...

Thanks for your thoughts on 'Green' gentlemen!

I believe you both love this color,because you're both dynamic, energetic, 'move forward' type of guys!!!! ~ as reflected in each of your blogs.

~MCJ ~

Iv Sadovsky Photography said...

I like the concept and the message. Thank you for visiting my blog. Have a great weekend

MCJArt said...

Thank you for your comment and also visiting as well, Iv ~ MCJ ~

Calli said...

Green is my favourite colour!
I agree with everything you've expressed.

This is my first visit, found you through Saraha's blog.

You have eautiful work!

MCJArt said...

So pleased to find you here Calli ~ thank you for your kind words.

Something tells me we may have some common Canadian roots ~ neighbour!

~ MCJ ~