Thursday, February 26, 2009


People often look at my paintings and see fire. They then express their uneasy feeling stemming from this perception. My feeling is that fire is all mighty and beautiful.

In feng shui, fire is one of the five elements that makes up our physical earthly experience. Compared to the other elements, fire is the most yang ~ the most vibrant and transforming.

Fire is the most acutely powerful of all of them!

Fire is creative.  Fire creates change.  Fire is creative change.

Fire creates earth ~ as its resulting ashes transform themselves into the physical foundation that we live on and from.

Fire reminds us that we are human ~ as men and women ~ opposite yet in need of each other ~ stimulated, awakened, empowered, enlightened ~ by our ongoing exchanging fire.

Fire is necessary to us ~ by the change that it offers us for our survival, health and happiness.

We need change, yet we are afraid of it.  It is the number one cause of stress in our society today.  Should we not believe that everything happens for a reason ~ a reason of movement forward and of growth on our path.  I believe that we need not be afraid.  Welcome fire.
Welcome change.  Embrace it when it penetrates the life that we have been offered.

The two principal motivators of humanity are love & power.  While they represent the main yet opposing desires of our world, they are also what humankind fears most.  They hold all of the possibilities, as well as the threats, justified or not, to our very basic and innate human instinct for survival ~ for security of Self ~ of our physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual selves, via love or power.  Which one?  In what balance?  
The Power of Love!  You choose.

The symbolism that exists in the defensiveness yet draw that we feel towards fire is key to understanding and therefore feeding our human spirit.  Feed your fire ~ when it is gracefully offered to you in the form of excitement, passion, pain, fright, vision.  Soothe it ~ when it is out of control.  Teach it ~ when it lacks wisdom.  Love it ~ when it hurts you. Trust in its trail blazing abilities ~ when it frightens you.  
Breathe it ~ when your heart guides you to do so.

Fire offers the most possibilities for reawakening and for the creative energy that is present in its new beginnings of change!

Tonight, light a candle.  Trust in the acute transforming strength of its flame.  Envision your dream.  Believe in your dream.  Realize your dream ~ with the strength of creative change ~ the loving power of fire within you.

PS: this painting is called Abundance!

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