Monday, February 9, 2009

The Use of Blue

As an Artist, I consider myself a Colorist.  My art is influenced by color first and foremost.  I often tell people it's like food for me.  In fact, I never create a piece by drawing the composition first, as during my creative process, the color will influence the composition.  They go hand in hand.

I love all spectrum offerings.  Yet, as you view my work, you will notice a penchant for warm (even hot!) colors.  Indeed, some are more of a challenge for me.  Some just don't easily draw my brush near it.  Such as blue.  All hues of blue.  Perhaps deep down, somewhere inside me, I feel it will put out my fire.  Perhaps it is too calming for me.  Perhaps it is just not in me.

I love blue, but it just seems to exist somewhere outside of me.  Thus, I admire it with a perplexed feeling of longing.  All of you out there who have such ease with the color blue, know that you are very fortunate.  Some of us are still wishing for its peaceful energy to bathe our soul.

Today, I will look at the blue sky and ask it to penetrate me, by making my beating heart still.

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