Sunday, January 1, 2012

Health for Liberty ~ Freedom of Choice

"Liberty and Union ~ 

Now and Forever ~  

One and Inseparable"

Photo 3/11 ~ taken when I became an American at Faneuil Hall in Boston

Why be afraid of Universal HealthCare?

What can it lead to?

Other than...

Health for Liberty ~

Freedom of Choice ~

For All

For our Union ~

The strength of our Nation ~

As One

Decisions regarding enterprise, economics or finances ~

Cannot take place ~

When Health Care is happening ~


It is not when we are ill ~

That we are able to make studied financial decisions ~

Monetary choices regarding our health.

This scenario is at the expense of our health.

It is not when we are sick ~

That we need to take care of our health.

It is when we are healthy ~

Thus via conscious, sound, unclouded, true choices.

It is not when we are fighting for our life ~

That we will fight for our Freedom.

It is when we feel safe ~

Free from worry ~

About how to take Care of possible eventual illness ~

Free from the threat to our basic human need of safety ~

For Liberty and Strength ~

Of Our Union.

Is HealthCare not a right of all, rather than a privilege of few?

How can we need to ask this question of ourselves in this century?

Are not All Americans ~

An integral part of the Strength and Health of our One Nation

Should we not be enduring ~ in time and space ~ 

Within our value structure as Americans ~

Based on our valued Freedom of Choice

We cannot be Free ~

As individuals and therefore strong as a Nation ~

Without our managed, nurtured and Cared for

Individual and holistic Health

Our nation's "Liberty" requires our "Union" ~

To be protected ~ in safe health ~

"Now and Forever"

By a right to which All Citizens are worthy...

Universal Health Care

         "One and Inseparable" ~ "Out of many, One"
When I became an American, at Faneuil Hall, I wore my Canadian father's
1921 Pluribus Unum US silver dollar.
The month prior, I had found it in his office drawer, after his death.
I knew he was with me, the day I became an American.

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