Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Oh ~
How I long ~
For the bathing compassion ~
Of the deep ~
Profound ~
Sea of blue ~
BeFore me.

For me ~

Blue ~

True blue.

The most challenging color ~

With which to paint.

On my palette ~

My eye ~

Never drawn to it.

Actually sometimes ~

Avoiding it!

All of my senses ~

Trembling ~

Momentarily paralyzing ~

When brush in hand ~

Attempting to stroke it.

One of the bluest paintings ~
I ever painted?
Et voilĂ !
A tad simple?
From the Soul?
Perhaps a young Soul?
But from the Soul ~

Blue ~

True blue.                             

They say that blue ~

Represents ones deepest emotions.

Like the depths ~

Of the deepest oceans.

Hmmmm ~

Why so 'unwatery' my paintings?     

Perhaps when I reach my emotions ~

I will grow ~ 

Blossom ~

Breathe ~

And see ~


Thus finally painting ~

Blue ~

True Blue.


Matthew said...

I find solace in the blue of the sky, it's like nature speaks back to me there :) I also want to say your little doggy looks such a bundle of joy :)

~ MCJArt ~ said...

Matthew ~ It means a lot to me that you 'feel something' in my more inexperienced blue painting ~ especially what it makes you feel ~ solace ~ since I always express that my art is inspired by the experience of nature ~Thank you for your valuable input Matthew ~And yes, my pup is a bundle of joy ~ and love!

Stream Source said...

You are back! More wonderful work to share...

I need to find a way to help promote all of my talented friends. I always said I'd dive back into marketing if I could sell something I believe in... I believe in you, dear...

I finally found a difference between us.... BLUE IS MY FAVORITE COLOR! ;-)

~ MCJArt ~ said...

SS ~ you're so wonderful ~ what would I do here without your support?! Merci ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Our difference ~ blue ~ you are centered and at peace ~ I am still working on it!

happily retired gal said...

I've not spent much time in the Blogosphere of late but I opened my reader this morning ... saw the wonderful photos of your doggie and clicked on over only to find the post not here. I know how that happens because MY posts often show up in readers before I'm finished with them too. I'm delighted to find your poetic exploration of BLUE here along with the beautiful watercolor painting and I'm reminded how much I wish I could paint or draw myself. Thanks for sharing such loveliness ;-)
Hugs and blessings,

Ah ... how fun! The 'verification' word is 'dance' ... wonderful reminder! LOL

~ MCJArt ~ said...

Dear happily retired gal ~ I haven't been able to spend much time here either, but I was so pleased when I found your comment. Your support means lots to me!
Thank you dear 'dancer' ~ MCJ ~