Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Abstract~Figurative Art~Life

Many people look at my art
And call it abstract

Something ~
they have seen before
or felt before
or been to before

Not quite certain ~
of what
of when
But something they know

What is abstract
What is figurative
What is real?

I paint from nature ~ from the feeling of nature ~ from being there
Not what I see ~ but what I feel
What I am left with
After I remember it
And feel it
Once I am alone ~ in my studio

Sometimes one experience ~
Sometimes two
Other times many

Always the Soul of the landscape
Always the Soul of Mother Earth

What is real
What is figurative
What abstract?

Does it matter?
They are all one ~
As perception is reality

Stop and look and feel
Your surroundings ~ Your environment ~ Your world

Feel It

Let go ~
of what It Is
Let It Be

Feel It
And you will see

Sometimes abstract ~
helps you see
helps you feel

Sometimes abstract ~
is more true

Sometimes abstract ~
Is more real


Escapist said...

I guees some time abstract make yuh realize to know the truth behind it !
YUh have beautifully framed the words...


MCJ said...

Yes ~ thank you Escapist.

Caio Fernandes said...

i liked this one very much!!

MCJ said...

I am pleased Caio ~ MCJ ~